Artist Statement

Immigration scenes. Musicians. A glass of mint tea. Women with long dresses. Bare feet. An airplane in flames. The taste of ashes. Boats in the ocean. Earth and sky. Clouds and mountains. Flowering trees. Solitude. Young brides. A burning heart. Houses. The remains of ancient civilizations. Space and time. A crowd of characters. Political and social contradictions. Tragedies and hopes. Dreams and realities. Emotions, intuitions and perceptions.

These are the elements that inspire, shape and guide my artistic work.

~Fethi Meghelli

Critics Comments:

An artist's conscience is not always visible. And among those whom it is, its tone can often emerge as didactic and hectoring. But Fethi Meghelli's moral passions are none the less clear for being both subtle and magical, even as they demand that we take responsibility for a painfully real world. He creates landscapes in which all their histories are visible at once, while at the same time giving a personality and shape to what is his own curiosity, outrage, and joy.

There is never any question of him being confined to a particular method of making his work. Whatever medium the story demands he will adopt and master, from printmaking to sculpture, from fabric to found objects to paint. Every one of his gestures remind us of what an artist must do to keep from going mad in a society which offers so many temptations to do just that, and in the process, saves us from madness too.

~ Stephen Kobasa